Halloween Show 2022

All our shows are free to attend and no booking is required


We are truly grateful to Ed and Len of Southport Funeral Care who sponsored the shows again for this year and provided 500 donuts, 24kg of sweets along with a few kilos of hot chocolate.


Donations have been sent to Freshfields Animal Rescue and the total will be announced early January 2023. Saturday was busy but on Sunday Sidney Road was packed with spectators staying until the bitter end.  As soon as we have the total we will post it here. Our contactless card reader suffered a few problems but hopefully they are resolved now ready for Christmas.


On Sunday we were joined by Southport Costume Crew who are a bunch of ordinary people coming together to bring a bit of sparkle into daily life and to make magic happen. They really worked hard rehearsing their routine and danced with such enthusiasm and precision, even staying in character whilst off stage. All of their witches' costumes were home-made and a real credit to them, I'm certain they added tremendously to our total especially as they involved the crowd in their dance. Thank-you ladies!


Ed Mawdsley, of Southport Funeral Care said ‘We’ve known Steve for some time and admire his family in their fundraising for Freshfields through the lights, we are proud to have sponsored the Sidney Road Lights Halloween Show. In our business commitment to families is second to none along with the personal attention from two experienced Funeral Directors, we certainly added ‘that something extra’ to the Halloween light shows!’


Ed and Len have traditional family values at heart both in their business and private lives but they also look forward to scaring the pants off you at the light shows.


Len Coleman of Southport Funeral Care was excited with the sponsorship ‘The lights bring out a great community spirit which we embrace in our business model, we both aim to see that family traditions are upheld and celebrated. Whilst it might seem unusual for us to sponsor Sidney Road Lights we are uniquely placed to bring some spooky additions to the show’


If you're passing down Shakespeare Street in Southport please drop in and say hello to Ed and Len, I did leave them a packet of biscuits but I bet they're long gone now!


On Sunday afternoon we had a call from Granada Reports asking if they could send a film crew along, of course we said yes and you can see their report below.


Below are some photos from the 2022 Halloween Show, we handed out 500 donuts, 4kg of Galaxy hot chocolate and around 24kg of sweets in 4 hours total! Thanks also to Sharon Gregory-Wareing who is Asda Community Champion at Southport, she kindly donated 4 boxes of Haribo to the total.


Click on these links for videos of the show: Granada Reports Interviews  Daylight Tour of the Display  Devil Went Down To Georgia 2022  Sandstorm 2022

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