We Are Continuing Our Support for Freshfields Animal Rescue.


The fundraisers at Freshfields have worked out that it costs around £2,000 per day to keep the charity open so this is our target for 2024 - 24 hours of funding!


Freshfields Animal Rescue is a community focussed non-profit making charitable organisation caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted domestic and small farm animals along with sick and injured wildlife.


Freshfields animal Rescue has two sites, one in Caernarfon, North Wales and the local site to us near Ince Blundell. Over the years we've had rescue cats from them and now have four (you can see them on our Team Gallery page).


We realise that Christmas is an expensive time for everybody, especially this year with energy prices etc but please remember those animals that do not have the benefit of a permanent home this Christmas. If you can spare some coins for our collecting tin or are able to donate online via out Just Giving page then we'd be most grateful along with all the animals and staff at Freshfields.


We're also able to take contactless donations at a fixed value of £3.




Our JustGiving page is now permanently open


The total for Christmas 2022 was just over £1,500


The total for Christmas 2021 was £2,100


The total for Christmas 2019 was just under £1,600


The total for Christmas 2018 was just over £1,150


The total for Christmas 2016 & 2017 was just over £1,000


Below are some useful links:


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Our Facebook page -


Our Just Giving Page -



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