Christmas 2022

All our shows are free to attend and no booking is required


We are delighted to announce that Chocolate Whirled sponsored our Christmas lightshow this year. Chocolate Whirled is run by husband and wife Simon and Laura both with a passion for artisan chocolate. They run a gorgeous dessert cafe, workshop and cocolate shop on Manchester Road by the lights and the Shell petrol station. There's free parking outside so there's no excuse not to go and stock up on chocolate goodies all year round!


Chocolate Whirled's sponsorship will allow us to hand out the customary chcocolates, hot chcocolate, santa hats and other goodies during the shows which are fast becoming traditional entertainment for many families in Southport and surrounding areas.


During the summer we've been busy making new props, refurbishing and repairing existing props. The most exciting thing for this year is the 5m long steam train running down the garden wall. Whilst this doesn't actually move some clever programming brings it to life between shows, it's really spectacular! Other new props include several circular high density features mounted on a newly constructed scaffolding frame around the outside of the garden. Finally a new, bigger p5 screen in addition to the original two really shows off videos and photos along with effects during the show. We're not certain how many lights there are, probably around 35,000 but if you add in the three p5 screens it'll be above 100,000.


We had 40 sequences ready to go for this Christmas, the most we've ever had, the shows followed the usual format starting at 4:30pm each and every evening and playing every hour and half hour with the last show being at 9:00pm. Shows will lasted 15-17 minutes, with a countdown timer running showing waiting time to next show. Everyt night there were ten shows all of which were be different but the same each night.


The Lighting Up Party was held on Saturday 17th December at 6:00pm hosted by Sandgrounder Radio our local Southport radio station. 


We continued our support for Freshfields Animal Rescue and are delighted to say that you donated £1,508 to them at the shows this year! A big thank-you to everyone who donated their hard-earned cash to help the unwanted and injured animals in Freshfield's care.


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Here are some links to our Vimeo page where you can see videos from 2022's shows:


Frozen    Marshmallow World    Hope Was Born This Night   Fantasmic    Classic Christmas Medley    Carol Of The Bells

 A Christmas Storm    What Else Can I Do?    Chocolate Whirled Express    Daytime Walkthrough Of The Lightshow




Finally a link to our Granada Reports live broadcast from the lights 23.12.19 with Paul Crone and Kerrie Gosney.


Below are some photos from the 2022 show:

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