2024 Lightshows

As they say....the best laid plans of mice and men!


Everything was set fair for 2023 initially but then one of our older family members (not me, I'm still young) started with a long period of illness requiring extensive care, my work grew very busy with an overseas trip just before Halloween and to add insult to injury we had to have the roof replaced on the kitchen extension then the central heating boiler burst and emptied the entire contents of the system over the kitchen in about 15 seconds!


It's not been the best of years for us so reluctantly we decided to suspend the lights just for this season much to the disappointment of our neighbours and all the suporters we have.


Despite being dark in 2023 The Team have been working on new ideas for 2024 includng the provision of jukebox type layout allowing the spectators to select the sequences - more details to follow.


Jaffa has been busy on the PC and has written a few more sequences so hopefully there will be a lot of new material this season.


Keep checking back for updates on the Halloween Show and of course the 2024 Christmas Show. Southport Funeral Care have agreed to sponsor Halloween but if you'd like to get involved with Christmas please drop us a line.



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