News for 2021 Lightshows

Having made the reluctant, but we feel right, decision to cancel the shows for 2020 due to the pandemic we're forging ahead with plans for 2021.


This promises to be a big year for us, not only do we have all the props and upgrades that we had waiting in the wings for 2020 we now have another year in which to build new props and special effects, these include a 4m high model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, 8m long matrix running along the garden wall and another matrix facing the road. these new props plus other additions will bring our count to over 30,000 pixels all controlled from a Raspberry Pi 4.


Further props for 2021 include high density panels similar to those used at sports stadia (ours are much smaller) and who knows what Jaffa will build for 2021.......


Over 20 brand new sequences were ready for last Christmas and there will be even more for 2021 allowing us to have themed nights such as movie songs, Disney compilations along with classic rock from Queen and Styx. One of the American enthusiasts has built a website which can be accessed on a smartphone allowing the spectators to vote for their favourite sequence to be played, in effect controlling the show,  needless to say we'll have this in operation some nights.


With the help of all our friends and neighbours we're planning to run two nights with our Halloween show - Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October. We'll be ordering a pallet load of hot dogs and rolls in anticipation of hoardes of hungry children! More details will follow as Halloween draws near.....


All being well Christmas shows will start Saturday 11th December with our Lighting Up Party at 6pm. We're delighted to confirm that Sandgrounder Radio our local Southport station will be hosting the event for the third year running. Following their tremendous contribution last time Starkidz Christmas Elves will be joining us for our Lighting Up Party, these guys are truly incredible entertainers, we're so pleased to have them join us. Regular shows will run daily on the hour and half-hour 4:30 until 9:00 every night with New Years Day being the last night. Saturday 18th will be our Christmas party night.


As before we'll be supporting Freshfields Animal Rescue, back in 2019 we raised almost £1600 for them so this year we must aim higher - £2000 is the target, please come along and help us.


We're in search of a main sponsor too, ideally this would be a local company who would cover the cost of hot drinks, hot dogs, sweets and any freebies we hand out the cost of the lights and electricity is down to us. There's not a great deal of money needed and with a turn out of 2500-3000 spectators plus advertising during the shows, online/social media (we have over 2400 likes), newspaper, radio and in 2019 regional tv coverage there's a good return. We would welcome any small gifts, not money but products, from local businesses which could be raffled or auctioned giving them some exposure and swelling the contribution to Freshfields. Please make contact if you're able to help.


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